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Millboard for use with Oil paint and Cold Wax

QuImp Millboard

Zest-it ‘QuImp’ Millboard

Made exclusively for us by Two Rivers Paper Mill and for multimedia application.
The Millboards are ‘hard sized’, in fact 'very' hard sized, to give strength, surface resistance and stability.
QuImp Millboards are of conservation quality and made from 100% rag, cotton, with added linen for strength.

QuImp - because they are Quarter Imperial -
an Imperial sheet is 22 x 30 inches and these are 11" x 15" (28 x 37cm) and 3/16" (4 mm) thick, with a
weight of 600/750 lbs


The Not surface is a little inclined towards Rough and takes most media well, excellent for water media, gouache or ink use and with just enough absorbency for oil and/or wax.

The surface of the QuImp Millboard is unique to Two Rivers Paper Mill, it all depends on the felt used, this uniqueness, gives just that, to your own work.

"... laid onto cloth felts unique to the mill and pressed four times to impart the gorgeous knot texture for which the mill is noted..."

The Millboard is sized both internally and externally, so you don't need to size or prime the paper before use.


Paper being made at the Mill

If you like painting watercolour on a Rough hard sized surface, then you would really love this Millboard.
It's 3/16" (4 mm) thick, very stable and the surface can take reworking, lifting out and much more.
Like to paint your Oil or Wax on a paper surface? Then this opens up many possibilities with its textured surface and hard sizing.

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The image right shows a close-up of the QuImp Millboard that has been painted with oil paint, it gives a good indication of the texture of the surface.

We have had questions from people worried about painting their Oil and Wax onto a paper surface.
How to prime it for best results was the main question.

Well, with our QuImp Millboard there is no need to give the Millboard any treatment - just paint - it was designed by the wonderful people at Pitt Mill to be that good!

Our thanks to them for a superb product!

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Oil paint, both thick and thin, painted on the QuImp Millboard

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